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Professional mixing and mastering is the best way to improve your sound. The vast majority of musicians today are producing their music from a home project studio, but don’t have the mixing experience or the tools to compete with professional studios. If you have found yourself attempting to mixdown your project only to find yourself unhappy with the results, it might be a good time to have someone else mix your song for you.

One of our newest mixing and mastering jobs

Promise Keeper by Shaunmarie Dotson

Mixed by Robert Sandifer Jr.

Mastered by Robert “Bob” Sandifer Sr.


Professional Mixing

Make sure your song reaches its full potential. Let one of our mix engineers ensure your record is professionally mixed to industry standards. I will work until the project is finished with unlimited revisions. Our mixing packages include vocal tuning and pocketing

Beatmakers and Music Producers

Have me mix your beats and stop giving away your stems and tracked out sessions.

Stop artist from taking your sounds and loops. Have your mixes mixed by a professional to avoid all of this.











Why work with a pro


When the Pros Work They Work With Pros.  The difference between a professional sounding record and something that sounds like it came out of your phone could be as little as $50.00.

Since the DAW became the go to method for recording way to many people, articles and magazines are focusing on how to DIY and really are forgetting what makes a professional a professional. If you are a true aspiring engineer please just skip this read. Proceed with the home studio, keep getting the gear, keep recording bands, keep interning and never stop learning, get that studio you always dreamed of. I wish you nothing but luck. We all started at home so it’s not all bad but for god’s sake take it seriously!! For you other guys please read on.



Phone: 404.783.9103



Extra services and products

  • Mastering: $75.00 per song
  • Mixtape Mastering:$25.00 per song
  • Master green CD: $25.00
  • DDP image: $50.00
  • Create master album CD for release: $75.00. This does not include master CD.
  • CD copies of music: $10.00

How do I need your file?

  • 1. Wave at session sampling rate (24/16bit - 44.1/48k please dither if down sampling from 24bit
  • 2. Mp3’s are fine as long as they are at 320k
  • 3. No limiting on the 2bus
  • 4. Light compression is perfectly fine
  • 5. Mix should be very bouncy
  • 6. -4 to -6db on the output
  • 7. Include a text file with all of the information that should be included in the master information
  • 8. Once you have sent your files please text or call me at 404.783.9103 to let me know they are on the way.

This is the finishing step in presenting your material with the sonic fidelity of the commercial releases you hear on your favorite CDs and radio stations. Most people confuse "mastering" with "mixing." They are two entirely different processes. Ask any mix engineer responsible for many of the hit records you've listened to and they will tell you that mastering is the necessary final step. All commercially released CDs are mastered. Even some demo projects are mastered. When sending your demos to labels, management or production companies for signing consideration, your music will sound more impressive once mastered.

When mastered, your material will have a cleaner, punchier sound that will sound good on many listening devices we use such as car stereos, home systems, small speaker systems, night clubs, I-pods, etc. Consistent volumes, balanced fade ins/outs, transition spacing between songs are part of the process.

In many cases, mastering can help improve the sound of material that was mixed by a less than experienced engineer. A number of producers/artists have home studios, etc. but lack the necessary equipment or "ears"toachieve the sonic fidelity to which listening audiences have become accustom. This is where mastering can save the day.

Make sure your mix is exactly the way you want it. I can work with the dynamics of the song but you need to be happy with the mix. If the mixing and sound is not up to commercial standard I cannot help.

There must not be ANY LIMITING on the final 2 track mix but slight compression is fine. I realize that most engineers prefer to mix with some compression on the stereo mix. If you do not know what this is then talk to the engineer that did the work. If he does not know what that is then call us. Your mix should be very very bouncy and it should NOT go into the RED ( above 0db ) at any point. Distortion in the overall mix is Bad. If I feel the mix is bad I will contact you so you can correct the issue. I cannot fix a bad mix so it might be best to send me the stems of each track if you would like me to correct the mixes.

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