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We understand that your album project could run into the thousands. It isn’t uncommon to spend anywhere from $3000.00 to $30,000 just to get your project recorded, mixed and mastered.  Not only do you need to get your product finished but what about the videos, marketing, shows and rehearsals? It all adds up.

For years we have offered our label clients terms and financing  for their projects and it seems obvious we should offer the same service to our clients.  We have 2 options for our clients to choose from. Terms and financing.


1.  Terms is usually offered to companies that do quiet a bit of work and is based on complete payment made within a 30, 60 or 90 days.  


2.  Financing is far better for the individual since it involves a simple downpayment and monthly payments until the debt is paid off. Usually there is a small finance charge associated with this.

Both options can remain open so the Client can add to his/her account provided they remain in good standing with the company.

So what is the catch? Why do you think there is one? You decide what service you need and give us a call.  EVERYONE is approved. Yes, EVERYONE. For us to determine how much your downpayment will be a small amount of information will need to be collected. We do not run a credit check. We realize you are in the music business and your credit probably sucks.