Join us every Wednesday at 9pm est. for Bob'n Robert's Live Broadcast on Facebook.


We are becoming a huge internet sensation. At least that is what we are telling ourselves. Our shows get a huge number of views and our audience is growing weekly.  The prizes are getting better and we always try to offer something really crappy to the winners.


Music Reviews

Product Reviews

Music Trivia

Name That Tune (feat. Robert S.)

Ask a Hot Girl

We will literally take “anything” to giveaway as a prize

New Crappy Stuff | Returns | Out of box | Missing Parts | Broken | Old Inventory | Partially Eaten | Wigs | Worn Clothing | Items for our School | A Machine that goes BING! | Anything | Wait…..I really mean ANYTHING


We can always use equipment to help us with our broadcast as well.

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Sponsored reviews and informational videos


Bob and Robert Live.

Wednesdays at 9pm est. (Local artist are featured during our sponsored advertisements and during breaks) We also have special guest appearances from artist that range from local performers to national touring acts such as Colt Ford, Ky Rodgers, Ying Yang Twins, Bonecrusher, Kain Brown etc.

For our name that tune game we have a live, special guest sing songs from various decades, one hit wonders, etc. We average 70+ viewers per show with an average of 15 to 20 viewers that actually participate in the games. Not only do we offer a winner at the end of the show but we have drawings throughout the broadcast.


Several A&R representatives have contacted us about featuring their artist in our newsletter and on our shows. Capitol, Island, DefJam etc. Unfortunately we only feature local and independent artist at this time so we have had to turn down a few of their request. However, we are considering more corporate sponsorship in the future to bring awareness to our “First Offender Music Program”.


So. When we say we will take anything we will actually take anything to give away on our shows. Dented, open box, missing knobs, half eaten etc.We take care of our sponsors


Our sponsors ads run in our news-letter for the full week prior to the show as well as the week of the show. We currently have over 9,000 subscribers to our opted-in newsletter. 85% of these subscribers are musicians and 35% of those are music professionals. This is a great way for artist to get some quality exposure to the people that cut the checks.


We offer product reviews on our live shows as well as in our news-letters. We not only use the products in a real life environment but we provide followup videos. All of the review videos are shot in HD in the event the manufacturer would like to use them in their advertising. Our broadcast software is capable of running advertisements which can be a video or hi-res graphic supplied by the sponsor or created by us. These ads are shown for 30 to 45 seconds every 20 minutes. We discuss the sponsor throughout the show along with personal experiences with the companies products and support. If you donate any equipment or software that we use during any of the live feeds, we make sure to mention we are using the items. If it is software we always make use of it.